Why Ban Dogs? – Trying to Understand the Reasoning

There are a few countries that have banned the Afghan Hound. Although there is no direct cause or reasoning behind the ban, it leaves one with various assumptions or conclusions.

The Afghan Hound is a breed that has a sweet personality and no inherent or genetic factors that pinpoints an aggressive nature.

Countries Banning Afghan Hounds


There are only two countries that ban this breed. Qatar is the first one with Beijing, the capital of China being the other. China does not ban this dog anywhere else except in Beijing.


Are you scratching your head yet trying to make sense of this?


President Trump doesn’t help in the matter with his comment about Afghan Hounds back in February 2018. He asked the Westminster Kennel Club to ban Afghan Hounds from their annual dog show. “They’re foreign, this is America,” states Trump.


Widespread Antipathy Towards Dogs in some Countries


While unsure why Beijing bans the Afghan Hound, it is a bit more clear why Qatar does.

Most Middle Easterners are generally unfriendly towards dogs because of their belief system. To come in contact or touch a dog is forbidden. The Quran prohibits dogs being allowed in one’s house. However, hadith teaches that dogs are impure warning Muslims to have no contact with dogs.


Sadly, some justify being abusive to dogs because of these teachings.

During the month of Ramadaan, it has been reported that many Muslims take their dogs to animal hospitals to have them euthanized. When asked why they do this, they say it is because it is Ramadaan and their religion forbids them to have a dog.

Afghan Hounds – Afghanistan


If we look at the country where the Afghan Hound originated from, we can see the same insolent treatment of dogs. The Afghan culture refuses to touch dogs because of the belief they are unclean.

Dogs all over Afghanistan fight to survive as they are forced to scavenge for food. These dogs live in sewers and on the streets. Two such dogs were found and adopted by a loving woman from London. These two dogs started their lives atop a mound of garbage in Kabul. Both were rescued by two men that were from other countries. One was a journalist on assignment, and the other was a German diplomat.


Both were friends of the woman (who lives in London) that adopted them.


The Clash of Cultural Beliefs and Values


We question whether the hadith teaching is going to influence our own dog culture here in America. The Islamic belief system is evidently incompatible with Western values when it comes to owning dogs.

In Minneapolis, a Somali cab driver made national news headlines from his refusal to allow a blind man and his guide dog into his cab. This was because of his Muslim faith.


Egypt was once a dog-loving country, however, with the influx of Muslims things have changed.


In the Netherlands, a ban was called for in Hague from a Muslim politician.


Not All are Dog Lovers


Are the Muslims encroaching on dog lovers worldwide? The debate continues as change is happening all over the world with the rights of dogs and dog owners.


The diversity that makes up the various cultures throughout the world are to be respected. We all have a right to follow our belief system. However, when animal cruelty or disrespect towards animals is happening, it raises concern.


Man and animals should live harmoniously together.


Let’s consider ourselves fortunate that we live in a country that defends our four-legged companions!


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The Beloved Afghan Hound

The majestic beauty of the Afghan Hound commands attention with their aristocratic demeanor and poise!

Tidewater Afghan Hound Club


Our club is built around the endearing love we all have for our Afghan Hounds. Our membership area covers the surrounding communities of Chesapeake Bay, Norfolk and Virginia Beach.


The diverse membership is united with a shared love and interest in bettering the lives of our Afghan Hounds. We also travel the circuit of dog shows and competitions as well as participating in public service events.


The Beauty of the Breed


The Afghan Hound presents a distinctive regality standing tall and erect with confidence. The timeless expression of this breed exudes a quiet nature with sharp attention.



  • Life Span: averages 10-12 years
  • Weight: 60 pounds
  • Size: Large
  • Breed Group: Hounds


Originating in Afghanistan, the Afghan Hound was primarily used for hunting in the deserts and mountains of Afghanistan. Its long heavy coat provided the warmth needed in the colder seasons. Having the ability to run quickly and over long distances, giving them the advantage of outrunning dangerous animals.



As puppies, they love being handled and cuddled, however, as they mature, they prefer to be more independent and are not likely to be a lap dog. Aside from being emotionally autonomous, this breed is quite mischievous getting into things as well as stealing.


Afghan Hounds have a somewhat persnickety personality. They do not make good watchdogs, nor are they ideal to have around children and other pets. Having an independent way of thinking presents a challenge with training.


Grooming and Health


Grooming is necessitous for this breed because of the long hair. Because of low pain tolerance, grooming can be tedious especially when it comes to nail trimming. Afghan Hounds have been known to have allergies. Some other conditions found in this breed is cancer, cataracts when young and hypothyroidism.


Competition and Show


The physical characteristics make this breed popular in the competition circuit both in show and lure coursing. With keen eyesight and ability to run fast, the Afghan Hound dominates the sport of lure coursing.


Lure coursing is a competition event where dogs chase a white mechanical lure around a course. The lure action simulates a small prey such as a rabbit running. This sport improves the dog’s agility, focus and is just plain old fun for them.

Fun Facts and Trivia


  • The Afghan Hound is the oldest breed of dogs
  • This breed can run up to 40 mph
  • They have a 270-degree field of vision

Picasso had an Afghan Hound which appeared in many of his paintings

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