The Afghan Hound Muse

Pablo Picasso had a very special Afghan Hound in his life that brought great pleasure to the artist’s life. The antics of his hound brought inspiration to Picasso’s art.

Who knew a dog could be a muse? I have a close friend who has an afghan hound like Picasso’s hound, and she is beautiful. He paints a lot too like Pablo and paints her often. Paul has a lot of parallels to Picasso with the exception that Picasso wasn’t a plumber.

Picasso – Dog Lover


Pablo Picasso was a lover of dogs. He has had many different breeds, but his Afghan Hound was what he might have viewed as a living canvas of elegance and beauty. He named this beauty after the city of Kabul.


Picasso had dogs of all kinds; Terriers, Dachshund, Box, Poodle, German Shepherd, Afghan Hound and a few mixed breeds. It was rumored that he acquired these dogs from borrowing them from friends.


The Man Behind the Dogs


Pablo Picasso, a native of Spain, had a specific order of things he loved. He loved his art, his ego, his image, his women and his dogs.


Where Picasso went, so did his dogs. His passion for dogs was so immense that he gifted dogs to many friends so if he visited them, there would always be a dog around.


He had a somewhat nomadic lifestyle. When he met women, he would move in with them and when the relationship ended he left all of his belongings behind, but took the dogs. This pattern repeated itself throughout his lifetime.

Picasso’s Friend “Lump”


Picasso befriended David Duncan who was a photographer for Life Magazine. Their friendship lasted nine months. During that time Picasso opened his villa near Cannes to Duncan giving him carte blanche to take photographs of anything and everything.

Accompanying Duncan was a little Dachshund named Lump. Picasso and Lump bonded immediately. Picasso spent each day playing and cuddling this little dog. When the time arrived for Duncan to leave, Picasso asked if he would leave the dog. Duncan found it impossible to say no.


Dogs Finding Their Way into Picasso’s Art


Picasso’s paintings reflected his dogs throughout some of them. Lump was the star of a painting Picasso did. He initially had painted a hound but painted Lumpy’s image over it.


Kabul, the Afghan Hound, has also been included in several paintings with one of Picasso wives, Jacqueline. The beauty of his beloved dog along with his beautiful wife, made a combination for a painting that was very dear to Picasso.

“Can I ask you a question about your dogs?”


During an art show, someone approached Picasso and asked, “I know this occasion has to do with your art, but might I ask you a question about your dogs?” Picasso reply, “Certainly.


The young man asked Picasso what was his favorite breed of all the dogs he has had. Smiling big, Picasso responded, “I have so many. Some were gifts, some I found. I do not usually get the same breed of dog again. I want each to be an individual, and I do not want to live with the ghosts of other dogs.


Picasso continued to go on about his dogs, “I suppose I am fickle in my affections, but after a dog has left my life, I try to quickly fill its place with another. I have an Afghan Hound named Kabul. He is elegant and graceful, and I love the way he moves. I put a representation of his head on a statue I created…I do think of him when in my studio.


Yes I have a favorite,” replied Picasso, “It is my Afghan Hound, Kabul.


Interesting Details in the Paintings


When looking at Picasso’s paintings, there are ever so slight details of his beloved Afghan Hound, Kabul, painted within his paintings.


Picasso was passionate about dogs and especially loved Kabul, the Afghan Hound!